Luxury Picnic Packages

Gabi Beach PS10.jpg
Gabi Beach PS10.jpg


Color pallet for this picnic is tan and white.

Nani Bday 15.jpg
Nani Bday 8.jpg


Color pallet for this picnic is green-grey, earth tones and white. 

Los Angeles-Luxury Picnic-Nossa Events-2022-02-08 at 92053 PM 3-min.jpeg
Los Angeles-Luxury Picnic-Nossa Events-2022-02-08 at 92053 PM 3-min.jpeg

Blue Lemon

Color pallet for this picnic is royal blue, yellow lemon and white. 

Vday Picnic 7.jpg
Vday Picnic 7.jpg


Color pallet for this picnic is rose and white. 

Picnic Includes:

Up to 9 guests for 2 hours.

For more than 10 guests please submit a large group reservation form.  

- Signature charcuterie grazing board

- Setup & teardown

- Flatware, glassware & place settings

- Pillow seats 

- Umbrella 

- Picnic blankets

- Wooden tables or pallet tables

- Table runner

- Candles

- Bluetooth speaker

- Fresh floral arrangement

- Custom message board

- Bottled water

Los Angeles-Luxury Picnic-Nossa Events-2022-02-08 at 92053 PM 9-min.jpeg
Nani Bday 12.jpg

At Your Picnic

We handle all delivery, setup & cleanup.


 The technicians will be on-site for your arrival but they'll

leave during the picnic so you have some privacy.


Our guests show up, eat, have fun, relax and then just walk away.

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Our Services

We're here to help you through the entire process. Whether it's your first time or next week, we want this experience to be perfect for YOU and YOUR MONEY! If there's anything about any aspect or detail related with placing an order that has been unclear at anytime throughout this journey then please don’t hesitate reaching out and contact us by emailing

You’ll have all the info you need before heading out for your picnic! We will send an email confirmation with a map and details, reminders about where to go as well as when it is time. Plus there's always text message communication in case anything comes up beforehand.


We have always made the health and safety of our clients, guests, and employees the top priority.  Here is what we’re doing to help keep clients, guests, and employees safe:


We ask that clients and guests wear masks to the picnic and wait to remove them until your picnic tech leaves. 


All photos taken with the picnic tech’s phone will be texted to the client. We are trying to eliminate any unnecessary touching of personal items. 


We disinfect each item with alcohol before setting it up on the table.


Blankets are washed and sanitized before the picnic.


Picnics will be set up 15 feet (minimum) from other park guests. 


Cancellations: we will do our best to provide credit when possible. No refunds will be given for any reason. 


We kindly ask that anyone experiencing symptoms (cough, fever, fatigue, sore throat, runny nose, etc.) stay home; we will do our best to reschedule your picnic.

If you have any questions about what we’re doing to stay safe, please let us know!